W. Timothy Locke  Senior Vice President 

Tim Locke serves as Senior Vice President in the firm.  Having brought his goverment relations practice to Smith-Free in the third year of its inception in 1996, he has helped clients at the intersection of business and public policy for more than twenty-five years.  His breadth of experience and extensive relationships have benefited many an enterprise befuddled by inside-the-beltway federal regulators or policymakers.  


Corporate clients rely on Tim's intuitive sense of the political landscape to guide decision-making processes and engagement strategies.  When the federal government proposes legislation or regulations that will affect an organization's operations, plans, goals, or finances, Tim's proven ability to anticipate obstacles and identify opportunities to mitigate risk is unparalleled.  In Republican offices across the U.S. House or Senate, he is an able lobbying advocate for his client's vested interests - because helping clients avoid negative effects of government intervention is the name of his game.  


Tim has deep and wide-ranging experience working in a variety of sectors including communications, energy, trade, manufacturing, federal funding, health care providers, entertainment, electronic payments, consumer lending, financial services, housing policy, transportation, and sovereign interests.  

Before joining Smith-Free, the Tennessee native held positions during the Reagan Administration in The White House, the Transportation Department, the Department of the Interior, and the Environmental Protection Agency.  Tim began his career as an assistant to Senator Howard H. Baker, Jr. the U.S. Senate Republican Leader.  He earned his bachelor's at the University of Mississippi, Ole Miss.