Trevor Kolego   Senior Vice President 

Trevor Kolego served as Director of Member Services for Speaker of the House John Boehner from 2011 to November of 2015.  As a senior aide to Boehner, he functioned as a liaison between the Republican Members of Congress and the Office of the Speaker. 


In this capacity, he consulted with Members on a daily basis, and advised their staffs on all aspects of operations.


Trevor also advised the Speaker on the Steering Committee, the process by which rank and file members are appointed to chairmanships and committees. 


Prior to serving the Speaker, Trevor held similar positions while Rep. Boehner served as Republican Leader.  Trevor was Legislative Director for former Representative Jon C. Porter of Nevada.  He served in this role from January 2005 until June 2007.  As Legislative Director, he handled tax and trade issues for Rep. Porter during his tenure on the House Ways and Means Committee. 


Trevor also served as a Legislative Assistant for former Representative Chris Cannon of Utah. 


Trevor began his career in Washington, DC with the firm of McClure, Gerard and Neuenschwander, a small lobbying firm started by retired Senator James McClure of Idaho. 


Trevor is a 1999 graduate of Lynchburg College in Virginia.