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The Smith-Free Group's Andy Barbour named to The Hill's Top Lobbyists 2014 list

"Call them the influencers.


From corner offices all over town, the members of The Hill's Top Lobbyists list are the advocates, lobbyists and professional agitators who shape the policy decisions made in the nation's capital.


While some fit the mold of a traditional lobbyist, others have made public relations, grassroots advocacy and even data-crunching the tools of their trade.


The broad sweep of The Hill's list means that only a portion of the people listed are officially registered to lobby the government, but that doesn't diminish their clout.


From "hired guns" who run into battle for clients, to association heads who wield the power of industries, to union leaders who exert might through membership, the names are all players to know in the competitive world of Washington advocacy."


"Andy Barbour, Smith-Free Group. Barbour has spent more than a decade lobbying on financial services issues, and is dabbling in tech policy now that data breaches are becoming a concern for the industry."


Origionally published in The Hill, October 22, 2014