Alicia W. Smith  Senior Vice President

Before returning to the Washington, D.C. lobbying community, Alicia Smith worked with D. H. Sawyer Associates in New York focusing on political and public relations problem-solving. The forerunner company to Sawyer-Miller, D.H. Sawyer clients included The Government of the Philippines, The International Foundation, E.F. Hutton, Inc., and The New Democracy Party of Greece.


As a registered federal lobbyist, Alicia has worked primarily with The Smith-Free Group's clients on intellectual property, copyright, and Internet and e-commerce issues. Accordingly, she has built strong professional relationships with Members of Congress and staff whose jurisdiction and work centers around the Judiciary Committees, Commerce Committees, and the Ways & Means and Finance Committees, as well as the Federal Communications Commission and executive branch agencies with trade jurisdiction. She has been an active participant in a number of industry-supported coalition efforts dedicated to trade policy and combating intellectual property piracy at home and abroad.


Other subject areas where Smith has lobbied effectively have been in the environmental arena and on government regulations relevant to health care policy and education policy. At the outset of the Clinton Administration, Alicia led The Smith-Free Group's advocacy effort before the Health Care Financing Administration on behalf of the Minnesota-based United Healthcare Corp.


Her political background is grounded in Democratic politics and the numerous contacts she has derived from work in past campaigns are far-reaching. Having served on the staffs of several presidential campaigns, Alicia accepted a position in the Executive Office of the President as a White House Executive Assistant in 1977. She left public service in 1981 at the end of the Jimmy Carter presidency. A master at "outreach" projects, Smith managed presidential briefing programs held at the White House during this period. She later was the Deputy Press Secretary to the 1988 Democratic Nominating Convention. From 1981 to 1983 Alicia was employed with the Office of the Treasurer at the Democratic National Committee.


Alicia continues her commitment to volunteerism in her personal life by regularly rejoining former President Carter and Mrs. Carter on "Habitat for Humanity" work retreats and serves on the Board of Equity Research Corp., a 501(c) 3 organization dedicated to recruiting minority and bilingual students for the math and science fields. She is also currently involved in programs supporting the Carter Presidential Center. Ms. Smith, who resides in the District of Columbia, is a native of Wilmington, Delaware. During her college years, she studied at Pine Manor and the Corcoran School of Art.