Bipartisan in structure and approach, The Smith-Free Group maintains close working relationships with key Members of the Senate and the House of Representatives, Congressional Committee Staff, Federal Departments within the Executive Branch.

Rather than mimicking the trend toward larger one-stop shopping centers for lobbying or public relations services, The Smith-Free Group has elected to maintain a small, personalized boutique-style structure. All of the firm's professional lobbyists have extensive Washington experience and all participate in the work for each client. Its small size and unified attention to client needs produces highly responsive service. The firm has served most of its clients for five or more years and many for over ten years.

The firm provides its clients with a key link between the business and political communities. We have facilitated client input on matters ranging from personnel appointments to the advance review of legislation. The value derived from our combined collaboration is evident in the diversity of the firm's concerns and clientele. The Group's relationship with the majority of its clients has been a multi-year engagement. Once retained, The Smith-Free Group offers the active participation of all the seasoned individuals in its employ.